Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary
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Our Animals

Tassie Devil


TASMANIA – The last stand for so many special species!

At Bonorong you will see a number of species that are sadly now extinct everywhere but Tasmania.  They include the Tasmanian Devil, the Eastern Quoll, the Tasmanian Pademelon and the shy Tasmanian Bettong.  These four marsupial species have made their last stand Tasmania and other marsupials sadly are at risk of joining that list.

Australia has the highest number of mammal extinctions in the last 200 years and we at Bonorong are determined to make sure these amazing animals don’t join that list.  As well as these animals you will see everything from golden possums, potoroos and emus to the brilliant spotted-tailed quolls, wombats and echidnas.  See the photo gallery for photos of our resident species.

Our focus is our wonderful natives that we know are living in a suitable climate for their needs.  All our animals are here for a reason and our number one aim is to see them back in the bush and to prevent them arriving at our door in the first place.  Come and learn how you can help!  Read our orphan and injured link at the bottom of homepage for what to do if you find injured or orphaned wildlife.


Bonorong has been a successful breeding site for Tasmanian devils for well over twenty years.  Currently Bonorong houses 17 fantastic devils.  A number of our devils are hand-reared and have amazing personalities.  Devils are a very misunderstood animal.  You will be utterly amazed when you see how friendly and playful these animals can be once a bond is formed with a keeper.

With Tasmanian Devils facing a very tough time in the near future with Devil Facial Tumour Disease, we are trying to educate EVERYONE about what they can do as individuals to prevent this unique animal suffering the same fate as the Tasmanian Tiger.  We have found through our education programs that people feel powerless to help.  It is true that most of us cannot fight the disease directly.  However you CAN help fight the persecution, road-kill and dog attacks killing thousands of Devils every year.  The more devils we can save from other threats, the more stress we can lift off the population and give them every chance of fighting off the disease.

Please come and join us one of our day or night tours and experience these animals first hand.  Learn how you too can help save our Tasmanian Devil.